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If you’ve read our ‘about us’ section I refer to us as a cuppla regular guys which is exactly what we are… but (always a but) we have done a fair amount of travel in our time. I wanted to share with you some of my best experiences (its jack by the way) and some of the worst.

So, I’m going to give you the first of my Top 5 favourite countries I have visited, the best places, beaches, coffee shops and… the touristy must see’s, I think I’ve got a good eye for what’s worth doing and what’s not especially when it comes to value for money/experience ratio. (If ya get me).


Australia has to be top of the list for me! Purely because I took what I can only refer to as a ‘gap year’. I spent just over 12 months in Australia and when deciding with my friend between Sydney and Melbourne we weighed it up like this…

Sydney has the beaches and the girls, whilst Melbourne has breakfast and the coffee shops… so naturally, we chose Sydney. Possibly one of the easiest decisions ever made!


SYDNEY – I’ll touch a little on the facts, it’s the largest city in Australia, famous for its superb beaches and has a vibrant cultural scene for its cosmopolitan international population. (fancy) I’m going to give you my suggestions which will offer you a diverse flavour of the place.

The Northern Beaches – You have probably heard of the famous ‘Bondi beach’, Coogee or Manly. If you like a beach scene and you are looking to experience a surfer kinda lifestyle, you will love it here! Bondi beach is beautiful, but I find it a little touristy. Coogee beach is pretty much next door and is similar. Both beaches tend to be busy especially in the summer months and it is great if you love a party.

Personally, I prefer Manly beach you could say I’m biased as I lived there but it feels a little more laid back and less commercial. There’s a couple of little beaches a short walk from Manly which you must see; Freshwater and Curl Curl, both very quiet and very beautiful.

If your looking to relax there’s no 2 beaches quite like it. Just a bit of an inside fact… Justin Bieber stayed over this side which tells you it offers a little more class than the Bondi.

Beachwise… if your up for a party, your under 25 and fancy a hangover, I’d say head over to Bondi. If your looking a quiet day out with the Mrs, then head over to Manly early doors have breakfast at Roseberry Café (Australia is known for its unreal breakfast).


Have a walk around Manly but make sure you head over to Freshwater beach it’s how you imagine it… crystal clear!

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Palm Beach – Home and Away

If you’ve got a car at some point, make your way to Palm Beach its where they filmed Home and Away. The coffee shops, places to eat (all great) so take your pick. You would expect it to be packed with tourists but it’s quite the opposite.

Moving on from the beaches…

Sydney Opera House – This is a more obvious one, we’ve all heard of the Sydney Opera House or seen it on the T.V. but its kinda like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower you just wouldn’t do it would you? If you didn’t already know all kinds of events are held here so be sure to check out the website to see if there’s something that you fancy. It also looks insane at night too!


Eat & Drink – There’s lots of places surrounding but if you want to be in the mix get yourself to the Opera Bar. Especially on Fridays when everyone’s finished work. Sipping on cocktails in front of the Sydney harbour bridge. If your feeling peckish you will also have the same views eating at the Opera Kitchen, it’s a bit of ‘a fantasy food court’ with a lot of food styles but a nice atmosphere.

P.s – Your not gonna struggle finding this place, its central and you cannot miss it.

Blue Mountains – For all you naturist (not the naked, vegan or tree hugging kind) more so you enjoy some nice scenery and a walk kind of kind. You gotta see this place! The blue mountains are so named because as it suggests…they look blue. There is a couple of iconic spots your gonna want to visit whilst here one of which the ‘Three sisters’.  The three sisters are a lookout point for an iconic trio of rocks as there Is most things there is some history to it and like most tourists’ spots there’s always a tour guide if you want to know more. The pathways up the mountains are marked so that you can find your way to certain famous sights in the mountains.

One thing I will say when here; the climbs are steep so I wouldn’t suggest you take your Grandparents up the mountains but there are lots of nice lodges around and about, one town which springs to mind is Katoomba.

As for food, it’s not a spot you would visit for Australia’s finest cuisine but there are plenty of nice restaurants in Katoomba and coffee in Australia is always great!

If your from the UK its kinda like Australia’s version of the Lake District. You need one or 2 nights in a lodge and you come back feeling refreshed.


Sydney Harbour Bridge – Its just a very big Bridge but it is very iconic. To be fair its as good as any bridge I’ve ever seen. It does what every good bridge should do… to serve as a transport link between places. In this case between Sydney and its Suburbs (It also has a pedestrian walkway).

If you get the chance to go in a Yacht (lucky you) or a boat (water taxi) in the harbour you can see the long steel arch of the Bridge and at a distance the Opera house with its white shell-shaped roofs. It looks pretty cool.

You can also have a guided tour. From memory you walk across the arch of the Bridge and it takes a couple of hours, I didn’t do that myself personally but its there to be had if you have a cuppla hundred books to spare.

When it comes to coffee and food in the centre, it’s a take your pick situation (its all good) one of my personal favourites was Mecca Coffee on Kings street (Central).

Ahh… just a little tip if you’re a foodie. On the Beaches have yourself an Acai Bowl they are something else.

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