About Us


Welcome to the Travel Guys

Just a coupla regular guys connecting travelers with amazing experiences, a variety of transport options and incredible places to stay.

Whether it’s a City break, a holiday in the sun or a spa break with your mum.

We get things done. (OK I’ll stop).

Basically, we take care of everything from start to finish with your holiday, so all you have to do is sit back and relax…

AND look forward to it. (simple).


Whilst you’re looking forward to your trip up the empire state building, sipping on strawberry daiquiris in the sun or relaxing with your mum… (couldn’t help myself) behind the scenes, the travel guys will assist in organising your perfect travel package to suit your needs!

Click on the homepage (link) have a look at our website…

For accommodation simply input your destination, when you wanna check-in/out, how many people you wanna take…be careful though they say threes a crowd, we disagree – the more the merrier.

Anyway, I forgot to mention you can filter your search by budget. (it’s like a sliding scale thing).

So you wanna add a flight in there? Simple! Just click on ‘flight’ in the tab bar and follow the same process.


So I said a little earlier were a coupla regular guys but it’s always good you know a little bit more about us…

We are Dom and Jack… The Travel Guys.

So from our experience surfing the web finding the best deals on the net (which by the way is annoying, to say the least) we thought we’d create a business. An online platform to help find you guys the best deals on the net all in one place.

Yes, we share a passion for travel and have done a fair amount of it in our time

Our professions have taken us all over the world and like most people we wanted to save a quid or two.

We’re always adding new partners, if that be hotels or different ways to travel were eager to grow so that you keep coming back.

If there’s anything else, we can do were all ears. Drop us an email.

The Travel Guys